Ideas for kids, families, school groups, daycares on how to make a simple walk a lot more fun…

Penny Walk (all ages)
*assign “left” or “right” to the “head” and “tail” of a penny
*at each corner/intersection flip the penny
*go in the direction indicated by how the penny lands (ie turn left for tails or right for heads)

Nature Walk
*fill a bag or backpack with any of the following:
 -notepad and pencil/crayon
 -magnifying glass
 -bug container/small paper bag
 -healthy snack and bottled water
*look for things to measure (new flowers, tree stumps, rocks…)
*look for things to magnify (buds on trees/flowers, bugs, soil…)
*look for birds and listen to their different songs
*draw a picture of something you see while having your healthy snack
*collect bugs or other fun things in your container

Urban Walk
*look for word families
-action words
-words that begin with a certain letter
-rhyming words
-words from your spelling list
*look for individual letters
*look for certain numbers
-your age
-your birth date
-odd or even numbers
*look for symbols or shapes
-hand/walking man (in crosswalk)
-octagon, triangle, rectangle, circle…

Walks that get the job done:
*walk to school (if you really live too far, drive part way and walk the rest of the way)
*any errands that can be accomplished by walking should be (take a wagon along to carry back groceries or whatnot)

On Any Walk:
*measure a distance in jumps or hops
*skip or gallop
*walk slowly then quickly
*jump over sidewalk lines
*balance along a crack in the sidewalk
*look at house numbers compare the digits (which is the lowest/highest amount; odd/even numbers; sum of the numbers…)

Walking Related Crafts:

Make a Map of the walk you took
*include two or three landmarks that you saw
*take that same walk again following your map

Make a bug container
*just about any disposable plastic (margarine) or cardboard (bread crumbs, rolled oats) container could be recycled as such
*be sure to create air holes or cut a “window” in the container and slip it into a stocking (no need for a lid here; just secure the stocking at the top)

more activity suggestions 

Written by Jenny Goebel

Copyright August, 2005