A game of exercise and  academics for ages 3-7

2008 SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD Creative Child Magazine


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*Over 50 Physical Exercises

*Brain Compatibility Researched

*Countless Academic Integrations

*Preschoolers, Kindergartners & their Grown-Ups.

Exercards® Exercise Card Game not only gets kids moving, but also integrates the academic concepts this age group needs, based on various state objectives and guidelines for kindergarten classrooms.

Children can create a foundation for a lifestyle of healthy habits including exercising while learning such things as the alphabet, counting, patterns, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, rhyming and much, much more! Research proves that adequate exercise stimulates the brain’s learning powers.

All learning styles (kinesthetic, visual, auditory, tactile, right brain, left brain…) are stimulated through the Exercards® game! Developed based on brain compatibility research for optimum cognitive development.

Parents can prevent threats of and complications stemming from childhood obesity due to a sedentary lifestyle by incorporating physical activity into the lives of their children. With Exercards® parents can accomplish this in a manor that is easy and fun for everyone! Incorporate healthful energy balance  into young lives!

Best of all, parents can get their workout in too while spending fun, quality time with their children!!!!


Please know that Exercards are Moving Fast and understand that there may be a delay in processing your order!

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chalkboard.gifExercards® Classroom
Sized for use in the classroom this set of Exercards® includes the same 26 game cards as the original game set, but each card is a full 8.5”x11” sheet of card stock with each card laminated for durability. This size enables your entire group of students to clearly see the images on the card fronts and the alphabet letter on the card backs as you hold them up. Each classroom set also comes with an extra sheet which describes game play, variations, tips for adults, and includes 30 “Braintumbler” questions that get kids thinking and moving!

Can be used by physical education teacher, classroom teacher, daycare provider.

Please Contact Us if you would like a set of Exercards donated to your cause. 

Exercards® Classroom Set: OUT OF STOCK



HPIM1777d.JPGPlayground Balls
Each 8.5 inch rubber ball is durable and attractive with the Get Kids Moving™ logo printed on it.

Order includes idea sheet with suggestions for games such as variations on kickball, dodgeball and SPUD.

Playground ball sets balls ship flat; inflate with pump.


Please Contact Us if you would like a set of Playground Balls donated to your cause.    


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