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Visit the Get Kids Moving! Amazon Store to view items we at GKM! like that facilitate family health, childhood obesity prevention, weight loss, education and fun!  

We have conveniently placed the products into categories such as:

*exercise equipment

*cook books

*informational books for parents who want to learn more about obesity, childhood obesity, diabetes, weightloss programs and social stigma for children who suffer with overweight

*books for children and teens topics include: diabetes, struggles with being over weight, making healthy choices, attempting weight loss.

*toys and games that encourage active play for children ages 9 months and up, and more!

Or, you can search all of Amazon for the products you need to lead a healthier life.  


In an effort to help you narrow your search for products that will keep you and your family healthy, we have searched and listed hundreds of products that do just that. We continue to add products daily.  Sample product finds are listed below.