Exercards Stations for Morning Wake-Ups!

With many children arriving to school late, tired and groggy, some teachers in the Lakewood Schools Project 1, 2, 3 program have found a way to make the morning routine go more smoothly.


Exercards (laminated classroom set works best) Get Price substiute exercise pages can be used  

*blank paper for each student folded into quadrants (or fold in half and use both sides)

*pencil/crayon for each student

*4 stations at various locations in classroom/gym/playground


1. Hang or place one Exercard at each station.

2. Divide students up into 4 groups

3. Give each student a paper and pencil/crayon

4. Students go to stations according to their numbers (the number 1’s go to station #1…)

5. At their first station students perform the exercise on the card

6. When finished with that exercise students draw a picture of themselves performing that exercise in one of the quadrants on the paper

7. At the teacher’s signal (every two minutes or so, perhaps to music) children rotate to another station

8. Continue rotation until all children have visited all 4 stations

This is a great activity to get the juices flowing in the morning and get the kids ready to focus in the classroom!

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