The numbers of overweight children ages 6-11 and teens are staggering. About 25 million* U.S. children and teenagers are overweight, obese or at risk of becoming so; that’s more than 30% of American children.

Obese and overweight children carry the risk of developing other related health problems such as: diabetes, sleep disturbances, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and many others. These health issues are likely to follow them into adulthood.

Besides the obvious health concerns, overweight children suffer a multitude of social and emotional conflicts because of their overweight status.

Learning is affected in two ways. The social/emotional struggles create stress for the child making it more difficult to focus on academics. Also, it is much easier for the brain to focus and develop when the body is functioning as a healthy unit. Moreover, movement directly affects the brain’s ability to learn as movement and learning are controlled from the same area of the brain; exercise is important for learning!

At Get Kids Moving, we strive to focus on prevention in terms of helping families find ways to start their children on the path to good health from the youngest possible ages. Why wait until you have all kinds of problems to solve? Have those toddlers and preschoolers eating right , exercising and developing habits that won’t need to be broken!

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