About GKM! 

Our Vision
At Get Kids Moving™ our goal is to instill in the minds of the greater community that a healthy lifestyle, complete with exercise begins as young as a child can get. Exercising the body not only helps prevent childhood obesity and other related health concerns, but research shows that exercise stimulates cognitive development. We strive to promote ideas that will have kids of all ages exercising in fun and fruitful ways. With this Get Kids Moving™ campaign, we can build self esteem, build healthy bodies, and build strong brains for the children of our communities and for their future. We invite all who wish to work toward this goal to do so by joining with us in our effort to Get Kids Moving™!

Jenny Goebel
A graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jenny taught middle school for 9 years. While taking time off from classroom teaching in order to raise her children, Jenny home-schooled her children at the preschool level. With a good deal of research into early childhood learning, Jenny developed many of her own home-school teaching and learning tools and founded Get Kids Moving™. All of the Get Kids Moving products have been developed based on brain-compatibility research. Jenny continues to work with children and develop educational and fun products.

Exercards®                                                                                                                 Exercards®, the flagship product of Get Kids Moving™, LLC, is a game of exercise and academics for ages kids 3-7. Designed to prevent childhood obesity, Exercards® was also created based on brain compatibility research and addresses all learning styles. Encouraging physical health through aerobic exercise, and stimulating cognitive development all in a fun way is what Exercards® is all about! FREE SAMPLES EXERCARDS

Exercards is a 2008 recipient of Creative Child Magazine’s SEAL OF EXCELLENCE.

Exercards is a 5-Star Choice of WTS! Toy Review.